Fees Charges

First of all, Amojobs.com offers free registration to everyone around the world, and we don't have plans to have paid registration in the future. Once you are a registered buyer, you don't have to pay any fee no matter what job you buy and how many times you bought them.


But as much as we don't want to, we ask registered sellers to pay a small amount for doing some activities. Below are the details.


  • 20% of the total service fee of every completed job. This means that for every job worth £100, sellers or freelancers will receive £80 and the remaining £20 will go to us.
  • 20% of the total service fee of every completed custom orders, or those customized jobs made for specific buyers.
  • Optional £4.00, which should be paid by job sellers if they want their job offers to be posted as Featured Jobs or as classified ads. These Featured Jobs are randomly posted on our homepage to help attract more buyers. After paying the said amount, the job offer shall stay on our homepage for seven (7) days.


We will be using the collected fees for the maintenance and promotion of our site so we can provide more opportunities for all members.


Note however that both Paypal and Payza currently charge 2.5% fee per transaction. Local banks may also charge fees once you withdraw funds, and they are not under our control.


We are also advising all members not to make or receive payments outside our site. Besides it can lead to account suspension, we are not responsible for any problem that may arise by doing transaction without our consent.