Seller’s Guide

What is is an online marketplace for both sellers and buyers. With us, sellers can offer their job services and buyers can search for the job seller he needs. Once both parties agree, the seller will do the job and the buyer shall pay through our site.


How does Amojobs differ from most online marketplaces?


Amojobs offer both online and offline jobs. We do not only cater for online jobs such as article writing, web designing, and data entry, we also offer offline services such as appliance repair, carpentry, and wedding planning. There are also custom orders for specific buyers. In short, you can offer any kind of job as long as it is legal.


Who can join Amojobs?


Any person living on planet Earth and 18 years old and above can be a seller at However, he or she should have a credit/debit card, an active bank account, or a Paypal account. And yes, sellers can also buy jobs. Read the Buyers FAQ page for more details.


Is joining Amojobs free?


Yes, joining Amojobs is free and we don't have plans to ask for payment for membership. However, we charge a very small service fee for every completed job. For more details, please visit our Fees and Payment page.


Can I post a job offer anonymously?


Yes, you can. Feel free to use any available username but make sure it is not offensive to others.


Can I share my contact information and bank details?


No, you are not allowed to share your bank details and any of your contact information such as email address and telephone number. We are doing this to protect you from scammers. Doing so is a strong reason for your account to be suspended. We are not responsible for any trouble that was caused by transactions made without passing through our site.


What can I see on my dashboard?


Besides your personal details, you can view the status of all your job offers, custom orders, total earnings, amount withdrawn, pending for clearance, purchases, conversations with your buyers, as well as your job suggestions and your 'wants,' or list of jobs that you can get ideas from.


How can I post jobs?


Placing jobs at Amojobs is very easy. After you register with us and filling in your profile page, you can now post as many job offers as you want. Provide the best description and an attractive image, then choose the related job category. And yes, your job orders can be ordered multiple times.


Can I edit my jobs once they are posted?


Yes, you can as long as no buyer has placed an order to that job yet. Simply log in to your account, then go to the jobs you want to edit. We are allowing this so you can correct any mistake or improve your job offer description to increase the chance of getting clients.


How much service fee can I offer?


You are free to choose any amount of service fee. Amojobs is not setting any range limit. However, we strongly suggest you make your service fee competitive and reasonable.


How do I know when someone wants to hire my service?


Once a potential buyer finds your job offer through the Category page, we will immediately send you a notification through email. We therefore suggest that you check your email from time to time, and respond as soon as possible.


How do I get paid?


You will get paid once the buyer approves your work, and Amojobs will send you the payment. All transactions should be made only within our site, and the buyer should not pay you directly. We are not  responsible for any outside transaction and payment.


How can I be sure that I will be paid?


We serve as third party between sellers and buyers. For both online and offline jobs, buyers are required to send money to us before they can contact you or any seller.


When will I receive the payment?


We will transfer the payment to your Sales tab immediately after the buyer has approved your work. However, it will still take 4 days before you can withdraw it to your Paypal or your bank account.


How much is the minimum withdrawal amount?


The minimum withdrawal amount is £10. Note however that Paypal charges some fees during your withdrawal.


How much is the service fee for using Amojobs?


Amojobs will be taking away 20% of the total service fee of every completed job (and custom job) that the buyer has approved. Therefore, you will receive £80 for every £100. For more details, please read your Fees and Charges page.


What are 'Top Rated Jobs' and how can my job offer be posted as among them?


Top Rated Jobs are jobs that received a lot of orders from satisfied clients and are posted on our homepage randomly so you can attract more buyers. Your job offer can be among them if they have high ratings and numerous positive reviews.


What are 'Featured Jobs' and how can my job offer be posted as among them?


Featured Jobs are jobs posted randomly on our homepage as a form of paid advertisement.  For more details, please visit our Fees and Charges page.


What if the buyer doesn't like my work?


If a buyer doesn't seem to like your work, you can ask him why and do some editing or fix it. But if you think you have already followed his instructions and he's getting unreasonable, please send us a message via our Contact page and we will act as a mediator to help resolve the issue.


Can I cancel my job even after buyer has already purchased my job offer?


Yes, you can. If you are unavailable to provide the agreed services to a certain buyer, you can inform us by filing a Mutual Cancellation so we can cancel it. If you think the buyer has been unreasonable, you can give him poor ratings. But if you are the cause of the problem, the buyer can also give poor ratings and your reputation will be affected.


What are the chances that my account will be suspended?


We have the right to suspend your account without prior notice if we found you guilty of fraud and doing illegal activities, and not following our site rules. Once your account has been suspend, we will not send you your pending payments. For more details, visit our Terms and Conditions.


If you have more questions, feel free to contact us via our Contact page