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Company Information


We are Amojobs Limited (“AMOJOBS”) incorporated in the UK under company number 09915101, with headquarters at 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU, United Kingdom. These are our terms and conditions


By having access and using Amojobs.com, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions stated in this page. We encourage our site visitors to read them carefully before joining the site and making any transaction. 


Amojobs.com reserves the right to update these Terms and Conditions from time to time at any given time. Please review our Terms and Conditions on a regular basis. All updates made to this agreement, will replace any modification made to the previous agreement. By accessing and/or using our services, the buyer and seller automatically accepts the Terms and Conditions.




For each service you sell and deliver successfully, you will earn 80% of the sale. (Amojobs.com charges a 20% processing fee on each successful transaction).


The buyer always pays for his orders upfront. Amojobs.com will clear the payment for any completed order 4 days after the successful delivery of the order and approval by the buyer.


Amojobs.com will only transfer funds to the seller after the job is marked as completed. Amojobs.com will not reimburse payments made by the buyer for any canceled orders via PayPal. Reimbursements are displayed in return to the balance of the buyer and are made available for future purchases on Amojobs.com only.


Your orders are evaluated according to the service you provide. If you provide incomplete work, not on time delivery, your rating will likely be negative.




Seller is responsible for the delivery time and must fulfil every order on time and without any delay. If the conditions are not met, the buyer has the right to cancel and reject the order. The two parties have the right to cancel an order. An order that is cancelled mutually by the two parties does not influence the seller’s or buyer’s rating.


Any request to cancel an order will automatically be accepted after 48 hours. The buyer has the right to cancel an active order if nothing has been delivered yet by the seller.


Cancellation of an active order will result in a negative feedback. The buyer becomes the owner of all intellectual property rights and of the order, only after the approval of the order. Without the approval of the buyer, all intellectual property rights and for the result of an order belong to the seller.


Rules for SELLING


Gigs you sell must be accurate and precise, otherwise they will be deleted and removed from the marketplace. Sellers must sell an accurate service or product. If the service offered or the product is available in different variants, which mean different prices, the seller must add more orders for each version.


The orders which contain contact information of any kind, be it in the description or the pictures/videos, will be deleted.


Amojobs.com reserves the right to change the orders of content or the description, to allow their approval. For example: Deleting contact information or change of category.


Because we all want to avoid any problem, the identity of the buyer and the seller are kept anonymous. For the protection of both parties, it is forbidden to write an e-mail address, Skype, ICQ, IM manage, links to other websites or any other contact information in messages, orders, descriptions, or videos.


All communications, including the transfer of data and documents, must be done through Amojobs.com only.


Posting any copyright abuse, illegal, protected, rude, abusive, advertising, spam, violent or contentious material is strictly prohibited and will get your account permanently suspended. Amojobs.com has a zero tolerance policy.


Communication and the execution of orders


Users alone are responsible for the data transferred, antivirus protection and malware. Amojobs.com is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this website and its contents, or damage caused by any transfer of data.


Seller must deliver comprehensive data for each order.


As a buyer, it takes 3 days (72 hours) to respond once your order is delivered, otherwise your order will automatically be cancelled.


Earning Withdrawal


To withdraw your earnings from Amojobs.com, you must manually request a withdrawal.


You must also have a valid PayPal account. The money will be transferred only to users who completely entered their payment information on the account. We will send your payment through PayPal. Please make sure that your PayPal account is active and can receive payments. Earnings generated from orders you delivered are paid after a safety period of 14 days after the approval of the order by the buyer. The buyer has the right to accept or reject the order delivered 3 days (72 hours) after delivery is made by the seller. If no action is performed by the buyer, the order will be marked as completed. Amojobs.com is not responsible for any fees charged by PayPal.




You can pay your orders using a valid credit card or PayPal account. Once payment is confirmed, the order will be created and sent to the seller. Identity of the seller and buyer will remain anonymous for your own protection.


In the event where the buyer or seller share his/her contact information, Amojobs.com cannot guarantee the terms of the order, content, results or the date of delivery. In this case, Amojobs.com is not responsible for any financial loss due to the exchange of contacts during the execution of the orders. It is prohibited to offer any other form of payment other than Amojobs.com


It is forbidden to use direct payments through PayPal to pay the seller. If you have been invited by the buyer or the seller to pay for your order via a PayPal account, please contact us.


Paying the seller directly will get your account suspended permanently. In the event of a dispute, please try to communicate directly with the seller. We are all adults. If you need further assistance, please contact our Customer Service.


Delivery of the product


Some products require a physical delivery or shipment (for example: products manufactured by hand, arts & crafts, collectibles) The seller can add shipping costs and the costs of Port at the cost of the order, domestic or international.


Important Notice


in case of physical delivery, the seller will require the delivery address of the buyer. The seller is obliged to send the product, packaged properly, via a reliable shipping method. Amojobs.com is not responsible for delays in delivery or for any damage that may occur during transport. We recommend that you ensure your package.


Violation of the Terms and Conditions


Breach of Amojobs.com Terms and Conditions may result in a permanent suspension of your account. If we permanently suspend your account, you can withdraw your earnings after a safety period of 90 days.


If a problem arises, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service at Amojobs.com via the form on the Contact page.


In the event of a dispute, Amojobs.com reserves the right to suspend the account of the buyer or the seller, in its sole discretion, pending consideration. During this period, the two parties are not allowed to use Amojobs.com.




We encourage all parties to resolve conflicts or disagreements between them. If this is not possible, you can contact Customer Service for help.


Amojobs.comwill not reimburse your payment on canceled orders directly to your PayPal account.


The payments are refunded and credited to the account of the buyer, for future purchases on Amojobs.com.


Intellectual Property and Copyright


If not otherwise specified in the description of the order, the order should be delivered and approved by the buyer. The buyer receives and retains all intellectual property rights and copyright of the final product.


All announcements made by Amojobs.com buyers and sellers, as well as photos, video or any other material used in a publicity of the order (after their approval by the Amojobs.com), become the property of Amojobs.com. Any reproduction is prohibited and will be prosecuted.


WARNING: Amojobs.com is simply a marketplace for buyers and sellers. Amojobs.com cannot be held responsible for the problems of copyright or of any dispute regarding the concert. By submitting any concert, sellers shall take full responsibility and responsibility on them to deal with applications for copyright or other claims.


If there is a problem with someone stealing your original work, please contact support with the necessary proof. We will immediately withdraw the infringement contents in question.




All information on Amojobs.com are confidential, private and secure. Our users can choose, if they wish, to remain completely anonymous. The buyer and the seller have the right to cancel an order if the order has not been delivered within the time frame, the delivery has failed or the order has not been delivered to all. Amojobs.com is putting a lot of effort to protect sellers from fraud attempts. We will monitor buyers and sellers and eliminate those who are involved in harmful activities.




The user licensed to the operating company Amojobs.com the rights for the processing of their personal information for marketing purposes and for payment. This consent also applies to e-mails from occasional information which we can send to our users. The user declares that they have given their consent to their own volition and they remember any time, by a written mail.


You can also write to us at the address below.


20-22, Wenlock Road, 
N1 7GU
United Kingdom
Company Number: 09915101